Have a whole new experience and adventure you will never forget. With a help of some great entertainment, enjoy the natural beauty of Omis area.

It is recommended to book at least 2 days before (you can also do it via e-mail or GSM) and for lagrer groups even a week in advance.
Price: 400,00 HRK, VAT includeed in the price
One group consists of 2 -15 guests, accompanied by two qualified guides.
Minimum age is 7 years
Maximum weight fee is 130 kg.
It is recommended to wear appropriate footwear for walking in nature and to bring water (1 liter).
Each guest before departure signes "RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY STATEMENT for the activity Zipline – steel rope gliding"
For ages 7-18 years parents must sign "PARENT’S CONSENT to the participation of minors in the Zipline activity”
Considering the child's age, the guide will decide whether they should go for the steel rope in his entourage (tandem).
In one group can only be two children in tandem with a guide.
It is possible to organise a tour for a group of 50 (and more) but in that case the group is accompanied by 8-10 guides and it lasts about 4-5 hours.
It is possible to organise a private tour and in that case the price is 600 kn per person.
transport from the agency to the start position and back
complete equipment (helmet, safety belt, gloves, backpack)
professional guides
injury insurance
We don't offer transport ourselves but we cooperatewith transfer agency and we can organise it for You (extra payment). In that case they pick You up at the agreed adress and brings You to the agency.